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Meet KBR’s “Dream Team”

We may never receive a ticker tape parade down the canyon of heroes, but we’ll settle for the happiest fan base in all of NYC:

Yosi Nahmani

Apartment Whisperer

A leader by example, a master builder at heart. When Yosi walks into a NYC home, his eyes come alive, seeing all the myriad possibilities. Where you see a cocoon, Yosi sees a butterfly. Twenty five years of construction, renovation and design experience goes into each and every KBR project. How? Because Yosi is on every single KBR job-site! Yosi is our general on the front lines and in the trenches, not above getting down and dirty if need be, from plumbing fixtures to floor tiles and countertops, Yosi rolls up his sleeves everyday and ensures that all KBR projects are performed perfectly.

Email: yosi@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Noam Hanuka

Chief Amazement Officer

Noam oversees all aspects of KBR operations, including sales, marketing, production, and customer service. Noam joined the KBR team in 2015. Prior to becoming CEO at KBR, Noam had more than a decade of management experience in global companies and brings vast management and operational skills to drive the company to success in its growing phase. Noam has a bachelors degree in law, and a Masters in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University. Noam holds end-to end accountability for all KBR projects and believes in being fully accessible to the clients.

Email: noam@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Sara Lang

Project Consultant

From humble beginnings in Louisiana's swampland, Sara gained an early love for design and construction after spending years working with her community rebuilding in the aftermath of hurricanes. These experiences laid a foundation which she built upon during her education at the Pratt Institute. Armed with her degree and fury of determination, she set out to conquer the world, and has worked in industries including furniture, graphic design, fashion, interiors, and architecture -- the skills from all of which she folds into her work as a project coordinator at KBR.

Email: sara@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Rob Stevenson

Project Coordinator

Rob comes to our firm by way of many years of Project Management in the Fin/Tech, Food/Tech and Design Sales sectors. He has managed teams of designers and sales professionals in Start-ups and Public firms alike. With his European education in business and art school, he is firmly focused on the communication between client, design and production team – ensuring that each part of the Design Build Process is always in motion.<br />

Email: rob@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Yelena Bogunova

Building Expeditor Superhero

Coordinating the building approval process for a NYC renovation is no small feat. KBR is lucky to have Yelena spearheading this aspect of pre-production. Whether approval involves the weaving together of expeditors, architects and engineers, or, if a simple submission of paperwork is required, Yelena gets the job done in the most efficient and effective manner possible. When Yelena is not moving all of our projects towards their inevitable start-dates, she's seeing to it that all other office needs are being met, ensuring that KBR continues to run like a well oiled machine.

Email: yelena@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Margo Johnson

Designer / AutoCad Expert

Growing up in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania cultivated Margo’s creative eye in the form of fine art. This love lead her to her passion- the wonderful world of interior design.<br /> Margo has many years of experience in residential and commercial design in the US as well as abroad. With an eye for quality and a superior sense of style she aims to create a space so refined and comfortable that it reshapes the way a person lives.

Email: margo@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Mohsen Moghaddam

Designer / Project Manager

Mohsen is our resident polymath. A sculptor, designer, architect, builder and project manager; Mohsen sees the opportunity to transform spaces from the most comprehensive perspective possible. From investigating a clients needs in terms of functionality and aesthetic, to sourcing finished materials and managing construction projects, Mohsen is as adept at exploring ideas and solutions as he is getting his hands dirty on a job site. While Mohsen's approach is highly sophisticated from an experiential and academic standpoint, he is anything but theoretical. Mo specializes in optimizing opportunities within spatially constrained environments, helping clients identify and arrive at an aesthetic that is merges beauty with functionality, and perhaps most importantly, value engineering and managing projects so that they come in on-time and on-budget.

Email: mohsen@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Michelle Cheung


Whether it’s the initial design consultation, the material acquisition process during pre-production, or, executing the final-walkthrough or punchlist, Michelle’s attention to detail is paramount. Michelle treats every client as though she were bringing her best friend’s renovation into production. Michelle has renovated spaces in a wide variety of cities , countries and styles , and thusly brings a flexibility and dynamism to every project.

Email: michelle@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Giselle Ulmo


Giselle has been designing for a decade, she began her career as a designer in the fashion industry where she was an accessory designer and milliner. Her love for interiors grew when she renovated her home this leading her back to the university for her interior design degree. With her degree in tow, she started designing client homes. She has vast experience designing and coordinating residential renovations in a range of styles and budgets locally and through the USA. Giselle has a detailed eye with the innovative skill to transform spaces. She likes to works closely with clients to achieve a space that is reflective of their aesthetic and lifestyle. She believes in education always taking courses that improve her skills and actively being on top of the latest industry product trends.

Email: giselle@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Pete Agnew


Armed with a business degree as well as fine arts/interior design degree, Pete welcomes the challenge of finding aesthetic solutions to design problems and creating beautiful and functional spaces for his clients. He is cognizant of budget limitations and approaches the design process by carefully understanding how a client uses the space and what they consider important aspects in the design, and works hand in hand with them to create solutions that exceed expectations and deliver complete satisfaction. Pete has advanced skills in space planning and offers creative and interesting ideas for material and finish selections. Pete enjoys working closely with each client's individual needs and styles and looks forward to creating many more beautiful spaces for future clients.

Email: pete@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Alex Moroita

Project Manager

Alex has a comprehensive background in the building arts, as well as training in engineering. The combination of hands-on technical ability and theoretical fluency in the science of construction make Alex a phenomenal resource for KBR. We rely on Alex’s keen ability to break problems down to their physical components in order to find solutions and opportunities.

Email: alex@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Kurt Venuto

Project Manager

From a young age, Kurt has always been in the construction industry.Whether it was personal or work projects, he always had the love for working with my hands. He moved from a small town in south jersey to the big city 5 years ago. Over those years he worked and learned with and from the city professionals and completed hundreds of projects. Kurt is to not only making sure clients are happy but to also making sure they feel part of the renovation and be part of each step throughout the project.

Email: kurt@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Anes Bibic

Project Manager

With a passion for construction at an early age, Anes developed his hands-on experience through 17 years worth of construction, working his way from helper to project manager. He's a jack of all trades; a self-starer with an eye for detail and a flair for problem-solving. Anes, like many of the staff at KBR, is fluent in many languages, including German and Bosnian.

Email: anes@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Latif Latifi

Project Manager

From a porter to a super, from a super to a property manager, Latif has experience in maintenance, construction and managing multiple projects simultaneously. His vast experience in home renovations and management is a big asset to our clients. Latif uses his management methodologies to improve efficiency and finish the project in a timely fashion. He takes his pride in his style in problem-solving and delivering the highest quality solutions. When he is not on job, Latif spends time passing his Karate skills to a new generation. Proud member of Shoto-Juku Shotokan Karate family.

Email: latif@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Alex Laniewska

Admin Support

Growing up helping her dad nail in screws Alex was practically born with a construction background. After testing multiple occupations she found a lot of interest in designing spaces, especially kitchens. Outside of design, Alex would like to eventually call herself KBR's team little helper. She keeps the office organized, and make sure everyone has what they need in order to satisfy our customers accordingly. From pulling permits to making sure each bulb has light...

Email: alexl@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000

Vladimir Klikushin


As Treasurer of KBR, Vlad has essential responsibilities of watching the money come-in; and the money-go out. Controlling the finances of any Design-Build firm is central our success, and makes the crucial difference as to how we plan and coordinate our business, and the management our projects.<br />

Email: vlad@kbremodel.com
Phone: 212-475-8000


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