How to Add Color into Your Home

Posted on May 11, 2019

When undergoing a full apartment renovation, the first thing that comes to mind is changing the color scheme of your apartment. While some people might opt for a very subtle change in paint color without really altering any of their interiors, some have a tendency to go all-out and add splashes of color everywhere. Color is a wonderful aspect to work with, as it can greatly affect the overall look of your home. If you’re unsure about how to properly add color into your apartment without color coordinating everything or adding too much color, then the following tips might help you:

Start Small

While too much color coordinating is bad, it’s always better to stick to color combinations that complement each other rather than those that clash with each other. You can start small by incorporating some color to your accents like changing your pillow sheets to something brighter, adding a new floor rug, or even changing your curtains or blinds. This way, you can see if a particular color works for you.

Steer Clear of Large Colorful Furniture

The problem with colorful furniture is that they tend to go out of style and if you purchase large colorful things, you’ll fall into the danger of getting sick of it and then you’ll end up having to spend on having your furniture reupholstered which can cost a lot of money or worse, you’ll end up having to buy new furniture.

Neutrals are Better for Walls

Pops of color here and there are great but if you’re not really used to brightly colored walls, it’s best if you stick to the neutrals and apply color into your upholstery and accents instead. You can also paint one side a bright color and choose a more neutral color for the rest, as this is a good way of creating a focal point of interest especially in the living room. Changing the color of your walls is best done when you’re undergoing full apartment renovation, as you’ll be moving around furniture anyway.

If you’re hiring an expert to help you with your full apartment renovation, it’ll be easier to incorporate bright colors into your home, as they’ll be able to show you various samples beforehand.

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