Adding a Breakfast Nook to your Kitchen

Posted on August 20, 2019

While cooking and cleaning are two of the most important functions your kitchen should serve, it can also be a place where you and your family can have breakfast. This can be a time server because you don’t need to move to and from your dining room to serve and have breakfast. Saving time is especially important in the morning when adults have to rush to work and kids have to grab a quick breakfast before school. The best way to do this is to add a breakfast nook in your kitchen. You can easily find easy to implement breakfast nook ideas from a good kitchen showroom.

If you don’t have a large kitchen, you don’t need to worry. Breakfast nooks often take up very little space since they are meant to be used by two to four people. Ideally, it should be a cosy and inviting place for you and your family. The best area for a breakfast nook would be by a window or your kitchen corner.

To save even more space, choosing the right furniture is very important. This includes a table and a few chairs. You don’t need to use a typical dining room layout. You can move the table up against the wall and add a few chairs on one side. However, you can also use a two sided layout if you prefer. You can easily find dining chairs with smaller footprints at a kitchen showroom. If space is really a problem, you could opt for stool instead of chairs.

As for décor, keep in mind that your breakfast nook is a part of your kitchen. As such, it should also reflect the design elements you used in your kitchen. Visit a kitchen showroom for more breakfast nook design and layout ideas.

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