Adding a Victorian Touch to Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on October 9, 2019

The Victorian age is known for both elegance and sophistication. This is a reason why many design elements from the Victorian age is making a comeback these days in many bathroom remodeling project. Adding a Victorian touch is a great way to spruce up a bathroom. Victorian aesthetics is often associated with crystal chandeliers, glazed tiles, as well as ornate wall treatments and colors. You can also use these elements to great effect in any bathroom.

The tub

An ornate tub will go well in any Victorian themed bathroom. To make things even more authentic, try searching for a nice stand-alone bathtub with claw feet. When looking for a good tub, keep in mind that the more ornate, the better.

Crystal Chandeliers

Most people might be hesitant to add a chandelier in a bathroom given that space is a premium. However, the key to getting things right is proportions. Look for a smaller crystal chandelier that you can add to your bathroom without eating too much space.

Lighting fixtures

While adding authentic Tiffany lamps might be overkill for bathroom remodeling, you can easily find Tiffany inspired lighting fixtures to use in your bathroom. These ornate and colorful accessories will help add a touch of Victorian whimsy to an otherwise boring bathroom.

Other Elements

There are many items you can use to finish up your Victorian look for a bathroom remodeling project. Other elements include glazed wall and floor treatments, ornate molding and chair railings as well as brass bathroom fixtures. You can also use elaborate gilt mirrors and frosted glass elements in shower enclosures. Just make sure that all of the design elements you choose go well together.

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