Adding a Kitchen Pass-Through

Posted on June 18, 2019

A kitchen pass-through is a useful addition to homes that have divisions between the kitchen and dining area. This feature is traditionally added to homes to make it convenient to serve food after cooking just like in a restaurant kitchen. A kitchen pass-through, however, is also added for aesthetic reasons and not just for its functionality. Adding one can open up a space and give the illusion of more space especially for small apartments. It’ll also cost cheaper to add a pass-through than tear down an entire wall. If you’re adding a pass-through in between your kitchen and dining area, it is best if you do it while undergoing major kitchen remodeling, especially if that wall serves as an important foundation in your home. Below are some tips to keep in mind when adding a pass-through:

Size and Shape

How big do you want the pass-through to be? If the purpose is for making your space look bigger, then you should maximize it and make it as big as the project would allow. However, if it is meant only for practical reasons, then you can experiment with various sizes. Shape is also an important consideration. If your home is modern, then it is best to make the pass-through very linear in design. A perfect rectangle is ideal for modern homes whereas an arched pass-through is perfect for more traditional ones.


If you’re making your pass-through large enough to fit in a kitchen bar, then you should give it double-duty and add a counter at the other end so you can use it as a breakfast bar. It’ll be useful for days when you don’t feel like setting up the main dining area for meals. Consult your kitchen remodeling contractor for the best material to use for the counters.


If your kitchen stove is not originally located next to the wall where you plan to add your pass-through, you may want to rethink the layout of your kitchen. To maximize the convenience of adding a pass-through, it is best if your stove is next to it so that you can easily serve meals straight off the pan and onto a dinner plate.

Adding a pass-through can significantly add to your kitchen remodeling costs but if done properly, its benefits will certainly outweigh the costs.

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