Adding Visual Interest to Walls

Posted on October 1, 2019

If you live in a small New York apartment, making good use of every available square foot is important. However, making space for all your furniture can make it difficult to leave enough space for adding smaller decorative accent pieces. Fortunately, every apartment has walls and walls are great for creating visual interest. There are a lot of ways to create visual interest to your walls, the tricky part is how to create one that stands out without completely overwhelming your entire space. Below are some tips on how you can make your walls the visual point of interest in your apartment:

Choose a Bold Paint Color

Paint color is amazing, as it can completely change how a room looks almost instantly. While many people are hesitant to work with bolder colors, it can actually make all the difference in the world. Just by simply changing the wall color of your New York apartment, you can create such a dramatic change that some people might mistake it for a complete remodel. Now, if you’re not too comfortable with the idea of choosing a bold color like red, orange, or dark purple for your apartment, you can opt to only paint one side. That side will serve as the focal point of visual interest in your space. Painting your walls in deep brownish orange similar to that of terra cotta is a good choice even for small spaces, just paint one side and leave the rest neutral to create visual interest without completely overwhelming your space.

Wall Decals

Wall stickers or decals are an affordable way to add visual interest to your walls without splurging on wallpaper. Unlike wallpaper, you can simply add wall decals on any painted wall without having to strip the walls completely. Wall decals are also a great way to personalize a space without spending too much.

Wall Décor

Adding a large mirror to your living room can create the illusion of more space but if you’re looking to add visual interest, you can choose to add several small mirrors instead. Just choose one shape for uniformity or you can also combine different geometric shapes together to create unique wall art. Paintings are also great but keep them small, it’s better to add several fairly sized paintings on your New York apartment than just one or two large ones if you want the illusion of more space.

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