An Autumn Theme For NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on April 3, 2019

Nature inspires a lot of beauty. Each season affects everybody’s moods in distinct ways. This article will focus on styling your bathroom towards feelings of closure and preparedness with relaxing hues of golden yellow and fierce red – an autumn theme for your NYC bathroom remodeling.

The bright colors associated with autumn will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom. You can accomplish this in a plethora of ways such as adding touches of color and design with small decorative vases, candles, and pictures; or you can have a more encompassing change by installing new shower curtains or bath mats designed to enhance your autumn theme.

Focus on decorating your countertops, nooks, toilet tanks, and your shelves. On that note, shelves are an important addition for your NYC bathroom remodeling, as they are perfect for both storage and decoration.

For accents, you will want to use acorns, pine cones, and assorted flowers placed within wooden bowls for a rustic allure. Add wicker furniture around the bathroom likes baskets, clothes hampers, and burlap containers for your soaps and toiletries. For your candles, pick out shades of yellow and look for those with scents that will complement your autumn theme.

To fully achieve an autumn theme, use wooden walls and counters in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. Modern methods of sealing allow us to use wood in our bathrooms without worrying about its integrity. Use a reddish-orange wood stain to bring out your ideal ambience.

How you do your lighting will also have a strong effect on your theme. Use warm lighting to complement the colors in your bathroom. Place them around strategic points to highlight focal points in your bathroom while making it seem like a larger space at the same time.

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