Apartment Lighting

Posted on May 28, 2019

A well-lit room, no matter how small, can be maximized to its fullest potential both in function and in form. Most apartments come with only the most basic of lighting fixtures, one central lighting per room and maybe a few ambient lights, but rarely do you find an apartment that prioritizes lighting as much as the flooring and walls. If your current apartment doesn’t come equipped with sufficient lighting, you may want to think of a lighting plan to open up the space and make it more functional. If you are undergoing full apartment renovation, it might be the best time to address your lighting problem, as will need to hire a professional electrician to install the fixtures for you. Here is a basic guide to lighting for your apartment:

Living Room

Assess how you use your living room and its current layout. If you live in a studio, then you’ll have to think of a lighting plan for the entire room as a whole since there are no room divisions but if you live in an apartment with room divisions, then you have to assess your needs based on how you use the room. If you use it mainly for entertainment, then installing one central light along with some ambience lighting is good. If you really want to open up the space, avoid recessed lights for ambience lighting and opt for valance lighting instead. It is much more relaxing and since it doesn’t cast downward shadows, the space will look much bigger. If you’re undergoing full apartment renovation, your contractor can take care of the installation and layout.

Dining Area

The main focus in the dining area should be your table. It’s hard to eat in a dark room so make sure that you have enough lighting there. If your ceiling is high enough, installing pendant lights will be good for this purpose.


Since your bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, you should have enough ambient lighting installed. Table lamps and floor lamps also work for the purpose of providing ambient lighting but if you don’t want your lights to take up extra space, you can have sconces installed on each side of your bed. Recessed lighting is good too or some alcove lights on shelves will do the trick.

When undergoing full apartment renovation, you should make sure that you give lighting enough attention, as you won’t be able to full appreciate the improvements made in your home if your apartment lacks lights.

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