Apartment Renovations 101: How to Add a Library to Your Living Room

Posted on November 19, 2018

During a time when the internet seems to have everything we need, it is amazing to find people who choose to be passionate about books and libraries. The thing with books is that there is always something romantic about them, and about having a place where you can be surrounded by books. It almost feels like you are in a different dimension. And, not to mention the smell – only legitimate book lovers will understand. When doing an NYC renovation for example, a booklover homeowner will always feel the need for a comfy reading nook. But why not bring in a library in your tiny city apartment? Curious? Yes, it is possible. Here are some useful tips on how you can start incorporating that dream library into your living room:

  1. Invest of a sturdy and properly-sized modular furniture – When speaking of libraries, the first thing you need secure will of course be the shelves and the cabinets. Understandable, because this is of course where your books will go. It is crucial however, to choose a modular furniture that will not only fit your available space, but will also blend in your current living room theme. It will be easier this way than changing everything else just to get the shelves and the cabinets in.
  2. Easiest spot to fill: around the television or fireplace – If bringing in modular equipment intimidates you, they why not have built-in shelves around your TV and fireplace? Sounds like a great idea? It actually is! This way, your library can also become a very interesting wall piece; a nerdy backdrop while you enjoy a great show or a warm fire during the winter. Plus, your couch will make a great reading nook especially of you cannot afford a dedicated room for that.
  3. As multifunctional organizers – When speaking of libraries, we usually think big, when in reality, you can organize mini library in your living by just bringing in a small, yet multifunctional shelf that doubles as an accent or corner table. Imagine this: the middle part of the shelves filled with books and on top, a lamp and some accent plants and vases. How resourceful can that still get!

Doing an NYC renovation means needing to be creative and inventive because you are most probably dealing with some limited space. However, space limitations should not hinder your passions and interests. So if you are longing for that dream library right in your living room, keep these tips in mind and get that project started.

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