Bathroom Remodeling Considerations You Probably Have not Thought About

Posted on January 10, 2019

Doing a home makeover requires extensive planning and lots of crucial considerations. While it is natural for most homeowners to plan ahead when remodeling an area of the house, sometimes, it just seems inevitable to miss out on some things. While you may be confident on knowing you have thought about everything, there may be some details you are missing. Like when doing a bathroom remodel for example, it may seem like a simple project for most people, when in reality, it is a complex endeavor that entails lots of thinking and planning. The bathroom is one of the most heavily used areas in the house, so it is just fitting that we think about even the tiniest of details so nothing would go wrong. So before you go ahead with that bathroom makeover, read on first and learn about these surprising considerations you probably have not thought about:

  1. What’s under your flooring tiles – When doing a bathroom makeover, especially for pre-owned homes, you will of course want to replace the floor and wall tiles, right? While this is usually a necessity, you might want to think it through first especially if what you have are old tiles. Bathroom tiles that are installed in old homes are usually placed on wet beds or layers of concrete. Removing these tiles and replacing them with new ones will cost you – probably more than you have planned to spend on flooring – so think it through carefully. If the tiles are nonetheless easy to clean, you might as well keep them and allocate your budget on something more vital.
  2. To hide or not to hide the plumbing – This is not an issue for older homes; however, considering the sleeker and more uncluttered approaches to modern interior design today, showing off your plumbing may not be a good idea anymore. Hiding the plumbing requires careful planning though. This needs to be incorporated in the wall works as well as in your choice of sink and vanity.
  3. Privacy – This is a no-brainer. Of course we need privacy in the bathroom! However, what most renovators forget is keeping the privacy within the bathroom itself. Remember that doors, windows, mirrors and other reflective materials need to be installed in such a way that the privacy of the person using the bathroom will be kept from those outside the room.

Doing a bathroom remodel is as crucial as remodeling any other part of the house. We just have to admit that sometimes, some things are easily overlooked, hence we need the experts’ guidance most of the time. So before you proceed to demolishing your bathroom and building  a new one, consider these ideas first!

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