Bathroom Sink Installation Basics

Posted on August 4, 2019

Bathroom sinks are essential to any bathroom. This is the reason why picking the right type of bathroom sink for your bathroom remodeling project is very important. However, it can also be a chore. This is because there are many types of sinks available for your bathroom. A quick trip to a bathroom showroom will give you an idea of the variety of choices that are available to you. Given all of these obstacles, how do you go about making your choice? First of all you need to consider a few things about your bathroom and one of these is how a sink is installed.

In terms of sink installation alone, there are already many details you should be aware of. Different sinks should be installed using specific techniques so you should know exactly what has to be done before making your choice. Check a nearby bathroom showroom and look for the different types of sinks. Some of the popular types of sinks, in terms of how they are installed, include wall mounted sinks, pedestal sinks; top mount sinks and under mount sinks.

Wall mounted sinks are installed directly on your bathroom wall. This is perfect for bathrooms where space is at a premium since you can still use the space underneath a wall mounted sink. A pedestal sink is a standalone fixture. While it is also attached to your wall, the sink is actually supported by a pedestal underneath. Top mount sinks are installed by mounting it on top of a bathroom countertop and lastly, under mount sinks are mounted from underneath your bathroom counter top. These last two types of sinks are recommended for larger bathrooms since they take up more space. If you want to check out these sinks look like in person, then take a quick visit to a reputable bathroom showroom nearby.

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