Benefits of Design-Build Construction

Posted on July 18, 2019

Whether you have just acquired property in New York or you’ve had it for awhile but only decided to undergo renovation now, you might want to consider hiring a design-build construction firm instead of hiring two separate professionals to design the place and to perform the actual construction work. A design-build firm oversees everything from the planning and designing stages up to the construction and finishing stages. This is especially useful if you are undergoing full apartment renovation in an old property in New York and if you plan to completely change the interior and maybe even the exterior of the property. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a design-build firm as opposed to hiring a designer and a contractor separately:

Risk Management

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of design-build construction is the minimization of risks. Since only one single entity is in charge of the entire renovation, you won’t have to communicate with several firms just to get the project finished. There is also only one entity to be held liable should there be any faults in the design and execution of the project.

Faster Delivery and Quality Control

Since all the professionals working on your New York apartment will be under one firm, there will be easier communication on the part of the design team and construction team. This means that the project will be completed faster since everyone is working together in one firm. Quality control is also assured because the designer, engineer, and contractor represent one company and therefore, the type of materials used and the quality of the work will less likely be compromised because there is only one company that will face liability should the project fall apart. This is especially advantageous for a full apartment renovation because bigger money is at stake.


If you are undergoing full apartment renovation, working with a design-build firm will allow you to easily determine and manage your budget since the cash flow is only going to one firm, not several. The biggest problem with working with several firms is budget management and distribution; this will not be an issue if you stick to a design-build firm.

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