Budgeting Basics: How to Redesign Your Bathroom on a Budget

Posted on September 20, 2019

Anyone’s who has ever been through a major bathroom renovation would know that the costs are very steep. When you add professional fees, materials, and incidentals together, you can easily spend over $50,000 even on a mid-range remodel. If you’re having your bathroom remodeled but you are on a budget, knowing how you can improve your bathroom’s style and look while sticking to the budget is important. If you’re paying a fortune on professional fees, you can always save on certain aspects of the remodel without necessarily sacrificing aesthetics, quality, and functionality. Below are a few tips on how you can redesign your bathroom on a budget:

Pick Essential Pieces to Splurge On

If you’re on a budget, you can’t exactly splurge on all the materials and fixtures for your bathroom renovation. What you can do is to pick key pieces that you really want to splurge on and look for bargains for other pieces. For instance, if you’re retiling your floors and good quality tile is a non-negotiable expense for you, then you should try to find bargains for other materials so that you can cover every square footage of your bathroom in your ideal tile choice. Save on other pieces that you might be able to find at bargain stores or online like a vintage vanity that you can reupholster or a nice tub that’s on sale. You can collect these pieces little by little provided that you have one central plan to work with so you don’t end up wasting resources.

Experiment with Paint

Paint is really fun to work with and the best thing is, it’s one of the cheapest materials for a bathroom renovation. Experiment with paint by using it as art or by combining two complementary colors together to create some texture on your walls. You can also paint your ceilings or design it using a stencil if you want an affordable design that can set your bathroom apart from others.

Add Personality with Displays

Add storage like built-in wall shelves or a stand-alone shelving unit with a glass door and add artwork or frames inside. You can store bathroom essentials in weaved baskets or see-through containers that look sleek and stylish. Adding decorative pieces that you already have around the house like a vase of flowers or some frames is a great way to decorate your bathroom without breaking the bank.

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