Cheerful Colors for Your Kitchen

Posted on May 24, 2019

It’s amazing how changing a room’s wall color can significantly influence its look and feel. Repainting a kitchen is perhaps one of the easiest tasks to accomplish during a kitchen remodeling project. With the right color, you can make your kitchen much more cheerful and uplifting, which can motivate you to prepare more home cooked meals. If you’re in the process of repainting your kitchen, you might like these color scheme ideas:


Yellow is a great color to work with. Depending on the shade you choose, it can work with both light and dark interiors. If you don’t want to paint all your walls yellow, you can always use this fun and cheerful color in moderation. For instance, you can paint one side of your wall yellow and the rest a more toned down and neutral color or you can use yellow as a border. You can also add small accent pieces in the same color to brighten up your space. A light yellow is great if you want to open up a space and bright yellow is great for brightening it up. During your kitchen remodeling, it’s a good idea to have several color swatches so you can experiment a bit until you find the shade of yellow that best suits you and your space.


A bright orange can make your kitchen brighter whereas a brownish orange or russet color adds a rustic appeal to a kitchen. If you want a brighter and more cheerful color, stick to brighter shades with a tinge of yellow but if you want something more neutral and rustic, then a shade of orange with a tinge of bronze or brown is a good option.


Green is a very calm and serene color and is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you see cooking as a stressful chore rather than something fun, then adding some greens into your kitchen might do the trick in making you much more relaxed. Choose a green color with a tinge of yellow to create a calming atmosphere in your kitchen. Yellow-green or chartreuse looks good with both dark and light interiors.

Color is one of the most important aspects of kitchen remodeling so make sure to choose a color that you’d want to keep for at least a few years.

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