Choosing a Showerhead

Posted on May 28, 2019

Most people start their busy days with a shower, which is why it is important for the experience to be refreshing and invigorating. Showerheads have improved drastically over the years and more than just a necessary bathroom fixture, showerheads should be seen as an investment, as a good one will not only last you for a very long time but will also give you the best showers even on the worst of days. A quick visit to a bathroom showroom will show you tons of showerhead options. If you’re in the process of having a new showerhead installed in your bathroom, the following tips might help make your choice easier:


Knowing the different types of showerheads will help you make an informed decision. Traditional showers or wall-mounted showers are the most cost-effective option and they come in a variety of styles as well. You can find traditional showerheads that come equipped with spray settings so you can easily adjust it according to your needs. Overhead showers or rain showers might be a little bit more expensive but they are well worth it. Size and shape can vary greatly per model but they offer a very soothing showering experience. Choose a size and shape that would best suit your bathroom and your needs. If you visit a bathroom showroom, you can explore various types of showerheads from the basic to the most elaborate ones.


If you want a middle ground between just hot or cold, a shower equipped with a thermostatic valve system should be on your list. You can easily adjust the temperature and pressure controls according to the most desirable. If you don’t have lighting in your shower, you might want to consider an LED shower system. The lights are integrated to the shower itself so you can have well-lit showers anytime of the day. Some also come with LED temperature indicators to tell you if the water is warm or cool. LED showers can offer quite the show as you can see the water change from one color to another. Before getting any of the extra features, make sure to check if your plumbing system can support the shower of your choice.

The type of showerhead you choose can really influence your mood in the morning so make sure to explore all of your available options first. Visiting a bathroom showroom will definitely help you decide on the best choice for your personal needs.

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