Common Mistakes in Bathroom Renovations You Need to Steer Clear Of

Posted on January 10, 2019

People do bathroom remodels for many different reasons. Some may already getting tired of their wall tiles, while some may be having problems with their plumbing system. But regardless of our specific objective, the common denominator among all these remodeling projects is the intention to make a room look and function better. However, in the process of building a better bathroom, some slips and misses tend to be inevitable. This may be due to the lack of coordination with the proper experts, or erroneous assumptions on the part of the renovator. But the thing about these mistakes is that they should make us learn. So if you are about to get on a bathroom remodeling project, read through these common bathroom makeover mistakes first and make sure you steer clear of these things on your own venture:

  1. Insufficient openings – One thing that makes a bathroom dull and gloomy is insufficient natural light due to very small windows and not having any windows at all. Aside from not having enough natural light in the room, this actually makes the room damp and susceptible to molds because of the poor circulation. We all know how important natural lighting is. Aside from allowing us to conserve energy, it also is good for the room’s overall aesthetics.
  2. Making the toilet the center of attraction – The toilet is probably the most important fixture in the bathroom; however, the bathroom has a lot of functions aside from being a place where we use the toilet. And this is one of the most common blunders renovators make. Avoid making the toilet the first thing you see when you enter the bathroom. If anything, the bathroom needs to feel and look clean and comfortable. And the toilet is not really the fixture that achieves such effect. Avoid making it visible to adjacent rooms too when the door is opened.
  3.  Having a small bathroom is not bad at all – Another common mistakes renovators commit is sticking to the notion that bigger is always better. While this is true in a lot of cases, when talking about a functional bathroom, going big is not always necessary. Worse, it can even leave your bathroom feeling empty as there are only a limited number of fixtures you can and should place in there to make it operational. Besides, you can always make a small bathroom feel more spacious by tricking visuals through lighting techniques and décor preference.

Remodels are very costly; hence, it is very important to learn about the things that could go wrong and make such a very important investment a disaster. So keep these tips in mind and make your bathroom makeover worth your money.

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