Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Posted on June 7, 2019

People are becoming more aware of how their lifestyles affect the environment. In the past decade, homeowners have made increasing efforts towards a healthier, cleaner, and greener lifestyle. While not everybody can rebuild their homes following the code of green architecture, one can always start small. If you’re undergoing kitchen remodeling, maybe it’s time to rethink how this small area of your home affects the environment and start consciously making an effort to make it more environmentally friendly. Below are a few simple things you can change or add to your kitchen to make it more eco-friendly:

Natural Lighting

While there are all sorts of light bulbs that are eco-friendly and help reduce your household’s carbon footprint, it’s always better to turn to the sun for lighting during the day. Opt for bigger windows that can be opened completely so that when the weather is nice and warm, you can keep it open and let some breeze in.

Flooring and Cabinets

Every time you change your floors and cabinetry, you’ll have to dispose of old materials and have new ones installed. Now, the question is can the old ones be recycled or are they just going to be thrown away? This is why it is important that you choose materials that are sustainable and recyclable. If you want wooden floors, you can use reclaimed wood and just have it refinished to make it look new again. This doesn’t just apply to wood, however, other materials can be eco-friendly too, you just have to know which materials are ideal and which to avoid. Consult your kitchen remodeling contractor for materials that are 100% eco-friendly.


Of course, one of the most important factors to consider when creating an eco-friendly kitchen is the kind of appliances you have at home. Your fridge, being one of the most important appliances, should be your main priority. Make sure that it has an Energy Star rating and that it is big enough for your family’s needs. If your fridge is too small and it is always packed with food, it’ll end up using more electricity because it has to work extra hard to keep everything under the desired temperature. As for your cook top and your oven, you should weigh out the pros and cons between electric or natural gas.

If you want to create an eco-friendly kitchen, it is best that you discuss your plans with your kitchen remodeling contractor so that these factors can be taken into consideration during the remodeling process.

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