Create a Living Room Plan During a Full Apartment Renovation

Posted on May 20, 2019

For most apartment owners, the living room is one of the most used room in the home, as it doubles as a media room and as well as a room for entertaining guests. However, if your living room doesn’t have a proper layout and your furniture is all over the place, you won’t get to maximize the enjoyment you can get from that one area of your apartment. If you find yourself barely spending time in your living room despite the fact that your television and media center is there, then it’s probably time to rethink its layout. If you’re undergoing full apartment renovation, you might want to pay special attention to that area of your apartment. Below are a few tips on how you can create a proper living room layout that both you and your guests can benefit from:

Assess Your Current Living Room

Take a look at your living room closely and make a list of everything that you have there. How much seating can it accommodate? Do you have a fully equipped entertainment system? After assessing the big things, take a look at your accents and accessories. If you want to change a few furniture pieces, doing so while undergoing a full apartment renovation might be the best time so you can have any permanent fixtures that you want added during the process.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Living room?

If it is a room mainly for entertaining guests, then make sure you have enough seating there. If you don’t have much space, getting a long couch or sofa bed might be ideal so you also have room for guests who may want to spend the night. If you plan to use it for entertainment as well, then have your contractor install a few niches for your media system. A permanent niche for your television will make the place look more cohesive in terms of design.


When you plan your living room layout, it would be best to choose a focal point of interest in the room. Be it a coffee table, a fireplace, or a large television set, having a focal point will make it easier to properly plan your layout.

When undergoing full apartment renovation, do not overlook your living room, as you can increase its function and aesthetic appeal with just a few permanent and temporary changes here and there.

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