How to Create the Perfect Backdrop for your Holiday Photos

Posted on January 7, 2019

Remodels address a lot of household structural issues. First of all, it corrects any functional issue that result from faulty plumbing, electrical and structural installations. This is very important especially in crucial areas like the kitchen and the bathroom. An apartment remodel also solves concerns with aesthetics; like when you are not satisfied with your furniture arrangement, or your dining room theme, or the color scheme in your bedroom. Remodels solve a lot of issues in the house, but there is one remodeling advantage you probably have not though of: creating creative backdrops for family holiday photos. The holidays are a time when families get together; and when families get together, there needs to be lots of pictures. Having a photogenic home becomes imperative. So to help you set up a picture-ready home through an apartment remodel, here are a few tips:

  1. Chalkboard wall – The chalkboard wall has become a popular trend nowadays. A lot of people – especially kids – seem to enjoy being able to draw and scribble on their walls and erase/change them anytime they want to. The great thing about having a chalkboard wall is that you can always scribble sweet things on to it like holiday greetings and clever quotes. Just buy some chalkboard paint from the hardware store, paint a clear or blank wall in your dining or living room, and turn it into a quirky and interesting backdrop for family photos.
  2. Beautiful drapes and fairy lights – Nothing makes a family picture more intimate than a beautiful backdrop and twinkle from fairy lights. This one is very easy to achieve. Just set up beautiful, white drapes, and hang fairy lights behind it. Make sure that the curtains are translucent enough to allow light from the Christmas lights to pass through. Have the entire family sit on the couch in the living room wearing your traditional Christmas sweaters and turn the fairy lights on in the backdrop.
  3. Accent wall – An accent wall can be many things. It can be a wall with a mural painted on it, a wall with your collection of mirrors, paintings or baskets, or a wall that is made of a different material (i.e. stone wall or wooden wall amidst an all-concrete wall). The last thing you want to happen when posing for holiday family photos is to pose against a boring, blank wall. So if you are working on a remodel, consider doing an accent wall that can serve as an all-season family portrait backdrop.

When doing remodels, this purpose seldom comes up as a major concern. Well, it may not be that much of concern for everybody, but would not it be great to have a picture-ready home? Especially during these times when celebrations are everywhere, it pays to have a picture-ready home that your loved ones will appreciate through post cards!

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