How to Encourage Creative Play in Children through a Remodel

Posted on December 12, 2018

Being a parent is a noble profession. Having kids in the house, with all their relentless energy and drive to run around and play with things, is a tough job to handle. Most of the time, doing an apartment renovation can be frustrating as everything gets cluttered again after fixing them up. However, we need to accept the fact that play is an integral part of childhood. So instead of frowning over their messy playtime, try to make it as productive and worthwhile as you can. Instead of merely giving them toys to play and tinker with, try to encourage creative play by remodeling their space. To help you make this happen, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Limit their play space, but be realistic of the floor area they need – One way of limiting the clutter they make when they play is by limiting the space for play. Designate specific corners in the house where they can play and allow them to own it. This may be in the living room, the family room or their bedroom. But regardless where this corner is, allow them to personalize the area as creatively as they can. However, be realistic of the floor area they need to have fun. Be smart when it comes to storage space and organizers so you can keep the mess under control while allowing your kids the flexibility and freedom they need.
  2. Create different stations – Designating stations for painting, building blocks, and playing dress up will teach your kids how to be more organized and disciplined. It will teach them how to be systematic as they will get to identify what toys belong in each stations and what kind of play they can do in each corner. It is much like how we designate furniture and appliance per rooms in the house. This will also make it easier for them to clean up their stuff as their toys are segregated per station. What a way to do an apartment renovation and teach your kids organized play at the same time!
  3. Focus on toys and materials that encourage imagination and creativity – While it is okay to give your kids dolls and action figures from time to time, it is always better to give them things that will inspire creativity. Bring in toys they can build with. Put up a chalkboard wall in their bedroom and allow them to draw in it with colorful chalks. Create a craft corner where they can learn how to make artworks with you.

Remember that playtime is a great way for kids to learn about art and creative expression. The next time you remodel, remember to include this in your priority list. Children will always love to play and clutter around the house, so while they are at it, why not make it worthwhile?

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