Essential Steps In Kitchen Renovations

Posted on February 10, 2019

Kitchen renovations can be tremendously challenging, but they represent a rare opportunity to reinvent your kitchen and make it better than ever. Whether your goal is to make your kitchen look more attractive, become more versatile, or make you work more efficiently, these renovation basics should be very helpful.

Use the best materials you can afford

It might cost you more money at the outset, but going for the best materials you can afford is really the way to go when doing kitchen renovations. This will save you the cost of having to replace worn or damaged pieces later on. Buying cheap often means buying twice, so spend now and reap the benefits later on.

Figure out the best height for your cabinets

In most cases, comfort and style should be designed so that they extend all the way to the celling. Leaving extra space on top only gives dust a place to collect, and you will probably never use that space anyway.

Paint or stain?

Early on in your kitchen renovations, you will have to decide whether to go with paint or satin for your kitchen cabinets. Stain tends to be easier to apply, although the furniture may look worn much sooner. Paint will require a bit more work, but it usually looks more impressive and the results last longer.

Choose your countertop

There are literally dozens of choices in countertop materials around nowadays, from natural stone to synthetic materials. Natural materials always look the best, but they can be expensive and have special maintenance requirements. Synthetic materials are inexpensive although they don’t usually look as good as natural materials.

Add points of interest

When planning your kitchen renovation, try to work in one or two points of interest that enable you to express your personal style. This could be anything from an antique corner table to a handmade shelf, or anything that provides a focal point and keeps your kitchen from looking cold and impersonal.

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