Expert Tips on Mixing and Matching Colors for the House

Posted on December 21, 2018

Doing an apartment remodel is understandably a complex and difficult process. While it is, of course, easy to enjoy creating a new look for your home, it becomes difficult as there are a lot of things you need to plan carefully. There are a lot of things to determine and consider like new flooring materials, new furniture to buy, new lighting fixtures and paint colors. And while thinking of colors to paint the wall may seem like quite an easy task, it can actually be more difficult than you think. Some people simply do not know what colors they want to paint their walls, and some do not know how to mix and match colors. Hence, if you are preparing for a painting job for your house soon, here are a few expert tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Do not overthink your choice in colors – One of the most common issues encountered by homeowners who are trying to repaint their homes is deciding between what colors they should paint their walls with versus what they want. Going for colors that the experts think look good in your house will of course be the safest choice; however, you need to consider what you want, as you are the one who is going to live within those walls. Get inspirations from artworks you recently saw, a piece of interesting fabric, or a place. And no matter what you do, always remember to choose a color that you will enjoy, because at the end of the day, that is what your apartment remodel is about, what you want.
  2. Always test swatches before finalizing your choices – An experienced renovator would know that sometimes, paint colors on samples chips have different tones that their actual colors on your wall. Also, a sample color in the home center may have a different tone because of the lighting condition in the area. Hence, before committing to a color, test it on a square patch at home first with all the lighting changes through the day and the evening.
  3. Do not be afraid to go for unusual combinations – Regardless of the color’s name or the manufacturer’s description, always choose colors with similar undertones. This is the most important thing you need to remember. No matter how the colors are presented or with what other colors they are displayed in the home center, it will look good in your house as long as you choose another color with a similar base color; like painting your wall with golden yellow and your trims with khaki. The combination will look good no matter what since they both have a yellow base color.

Changing the colors of the wall may seem like an easy process for some people, but this is actually a crucial part of any remodeling project. Determining what color to paint your wall is something you need to plan carefully, but do not overthink it. Remember these tips the next time you decide to paint your walls with new colors so you can be assured to never regret choosing those colors after your remodeling project is done.

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