Finding Extra Space within Small Bathrooms

Posted on February 16, 2019

Preparing bathroom remodeling plans for smaller bathrooms can be troublesome and challenging. When you are trying to maximize the space available, you will need to utilize several remodeling techniques to create space where there isn’t and give out the illusion of a larger area. Here are a few strategies you can implement in your own bathroom remodeling to improve space in your bathroom.

Simple colors

Painting your bathroom in several shades of one root color can give the illusion of a larger space. Also, be sure to take advantage of how certain horizontal tile patterns can make your bathroom seem wider. It’s the same reason people wearing horizontal striped shirts look fatter. You can exploit this fact further by installing floor to ceiling tiles to put a strong emphasis on what available height your bathroom has. Smaller tiles work better than larger ones in this respect.


Rather than placing your sink in the center of your counter, you can place it more to one side to free up more space for toiletries.

Recessed Spaces

To maximize storage in your bathroom remodeling, installing recessed areas strategically around your bathroom is a good alternative to putting shelves that jut out. This is especially easy to install over spaces covered in drywall such as over the sink, or above the toilet for seamless recessed shelves.


If you won’t use tiles for your bathroom remodeling, wallpaper also gives you plenty of great options. Wallpaper designs are much more varied than they used to be and are available in more than just wavy ivy. You also have eco-friendly wallpaper that is available in several designs.

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