Gas or electric?

Posted on January 17, 2019

Choosing fixtures for your kitchen can be bit tricky but also fun. When thinking about stovetops you have a choice of either gas or electric. This is an important part of kitchen remodeling as the stovetop is the most indispensable part of your kitchen — without this, your home or kitchen will not be complete. The market is filled with stove tops of both categories in all kinds of stores. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages, however, all of this truly boils down to your personal preference.


Electric stoves have a tendency to be cheaper than gas stoves but this depends on the brand name. When you buy a gas stove you usually have to buy additional things such as stovetop itself and the gas lines which can be kind of expensive. You will also need to purchase a device to measure the presence of carbon monoxide when you buy a gas stove. While the risk to your safety is slow there are still some precautions you must consider when you own a gas range. If you can live with by any of these downsides then gas just may be the better option as it allows for greater precision when cooking food.


A lot of stoves, be they gas or electric, come with self-cleaning mechanisms. But when it comes to cleanliness – Gas is still preferred over electric since electric stoves have sealed burners within. Gas stove tops keep dirtiness at bay and make it easy to scrub away food should it slip off the pan.whereas electric stoves are equipped with coiled burners which have to be removed in order to be cleaned. But it still depends on the brand and the model as some gas stoves can have crevices that food can slip into which makes it difficult to clean and some electric stoves  need not be dismantled to clean but must be cleaned right after use; you’ll have to wait for it to cool down before cleaning though.

What it all boils down to is the precision cooking allowed to you by a gas stove, or the money saving options and safety of an electric stove.

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