Ideas on How to Create Children’s Fun Corners in your Home

Posted on December 2, 2018

Having children in the house can sometimes be really stressful from all the noise and clutter. Especially when you are living in an apartment in the city, it can be hard to keep a child in one corner considering the usually limited space you have. A kid’s energy is always a force to reckon to with; and from time to time we find ourselves desperate to have a room where we can just keep them all calmed down and quiet. The good news is, parents can actually make this happen through an apartment remodeling project. Sometimes, the only way we can keep the children in one place is to give them their own corner in the house. So if you are thinking of giving this remodeling project a try, here are a few ideas you may consider:

  1. Set up a small play space by the stair landing – Have you ever thought about how you could make use of that space near the stairs? If you have kids, this could just be the perfect place to transform into a play space. Especially if their bedroom is already filled with toys, dedicate this space as their personal hangout.
  2. Set up a fort – What kinds of kids would not like a fort? Even adults enjoy forts. This is probably the easier and one of the surest ways you can keep your kids hanging out in one place. Set this up in a free corner in the living room or in their bedroom. You may could also create your own teepee by putting together some twine, dowels and a sheet. Add some comfy pillows and toys inside and make this an instant sanctuary for the kids.
  3. Set up a comfortable seating by the window – Window seats are not only for adults. Children enjoy views from time to time as well. You could make this more effective by adding built-in shelves around the window and filling them with toys and some of their favorite books. Bring in comfy pillows and plush toys. There is nothing like a comfortable reading nook with a great view.

Apartment remodeling projects always have to consider the children’s needs. Living with children sure is not an easy task; hence, it is our obligation as responsible parents and homeowners to remodel the house according to what will work for us and the kids. Do not forget however, to teach the kids how to keep their corners in order and how to clean up their toys after play time.

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