Keeping Comfortable Temperatures in Your Bathroom

Posted on April 9, 2019

The temperature in your bathroom plays a big role in keeping your bathroom comfortable. It does this in a subtle way that you would only really notice if you were to focus on how cold you are feeling. Living in New York means having to deal with changing climates so it would definitely be in your interests to take temperature into account when making NYC bathroom remodeling plans.

Think about those times where you find yourself enjoying a tranquil steamy bath only to have your mood ruined the moment your relaxed feet stiffens up and sends that cold chill up your leg and spine when it feels the cold touch of your bathroom floor.

A practical solution to this dilemma is to include a radiant heating system in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. This will work by warming up the surfaces within the bathroom and this, in turn, causes the surrounding air to rise in temperature as a result. It will feel good to step out of a shower and feel the radiant warmth permeating on the surface rather than the cold touch of ceramic.

You could also try widening the heating duct opening to allow warm air in your bathroom or you may want to invest in a portable heater. Be cautious, when using portable heaters; be sure to plug it in an outlet that will always stay dry. One other thing you may be interested in is a towel heater; using a warm and toasty towel feels nice and luxurious, a good way to uplift your spirits.

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