Keeping Home Warm for the Holidays

Posted on December 19, 2018

A lot of people still dreams of a white Christmas as the popular Christmas carol goes. Who would not love the pure, white snow and the sight of children laughing and cheering while building snow angels and snow people. Simply a wonderful sight, isn’t it? In New York City, this is an annual reality. And while New Yorkers sure love the snow during the holidays, when they get home and find a chilly living room awaiting them, it becomes a rather dreadful season. Snow is beautiful, however when it gets really cold in your NYC apartment, it can nonetheless chill the best out of you. The good news though is that, there actually things we can do to make our apartments warmer during the holidays without having to overwork the radiator. Through some adjustments and additions to your interior design, you can actually warm up that cold NYC apartment for the snow season. Here are a few ideas on how you can do this through simple NYC remodel tricks:

  1. Bring in some candles – We all know how important a fireplace is during this kind of weather. Aside from being really romantic, fireplaces are a very important source of heat in the house. If you do not have one however, do not fret. You may still achieve that warm, fuzzy ambience by bringing in some beautiful candles. The light candles emit has that different character from usual daylights and lamps. It glows and flickers while giving the room a  cozy and intimate vibe. It may not heat up the room as much as a fireplace does, but sometimes, visual effects like this are enough to make your feel warm and comfy in your NYC living room during snowy weather like this.
  2. Warm your feet – Another quick way of warming up the house during this season is by investing on soft, fluffy rugs. Nothing beats the feeling of these warm, cozy rugs while lounging on the couch in your sweatpants and pullovers while sipping a hot cup of chocolate! Depending on your choice of flooring material and insulation quality, your floor can also absorb a lot of those coldness from the exterior walls of the building; hence, this is a convenient way to keep the cold away from your toes.
  3. Comfy throws and pillows – Lastly, invest on quality tassel throws, pillows and fur blankets for your couches. These soft touches will instantly make you feel warm even by just looking at them; what more when you are actually on your couch enjoying the warmth of these fabrics while watching your favorite Christmas movie? Makes you feel warm already, isn’t it?

An NYC renovation is a complex and is a usually costly endeavor. It is important to know however, that you do not need to always splurge and go beyond your means especially when your goal is to make your home warm for the holidays. Sometimes, all it takes is some creativity and wit to achieve the warm, cozy feeling we all love to have at Christmas.

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