Kitchen Cabinet Options

Posted on June 6, 2019

Kitchen cabinets are important not just for their practical function of providing storage but also because they are the most visible fixtures in the kitchen next to countertops. Most kitchens are surrounded with cabinets, which is why it is important to prioritize not only their functionality but also their aesthetic appeal. Your cabinetry can make or break your entire kitchen’s design. Whether you’re upgrading your current cabinetry or you are installing new ones, visiting a kitchen showroom can be very helpful in deciding what type and style is best suited for your needs. Below are some popular kitchen cabinet options that you can consider for your kitchen:

Inset Cabinets

Although quite expensive, inset cabinets are a popular option among many homeowners because of their durability and style. Its clean and classic style has made it an ideal option for both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. While not a very popular option for ultra-modern kitchens, inset cabinets have a classic style that will surely transcend kitchen trends. Inset cabinets typically have visible hinges, since the door is installed within the cabinet’s frame. There are many available styles from the inset variety so it is worth visiting a kitchen showroom to check out what is available to you.

Flat-Panel Cabinets

A popular option for modern kitchens, flat-panel cabinets are very clean and minimalist in design. They often showcase horizontal lines and lack the intricacies and ornamentation of more traditional cabinet styles. Simple yet stylish, flat-panel cabinets have the ability to create an impact on any kitchen. They come in a wide variety of styles but are mostly made from wood or laminate materials.

Custom Cabinets

If you can’t decide on a particular style or type, you can always have custom-cabinets made for your kitchen. Custom cabinets are the most expensive option but you can also find cheaper ones depending on the materials you choose. The great thing about custom cabinetry is that you can customize their exterior style and interiors can be made according to your specifications.

If you’re not very familiar with kitchen cabinets, the best thing to do is to visit a kitchen showroom so you can see traditional, contemporary, and modern cabinet options that you may want to consider for your own kitchen.

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