Kitchen Countertop Materials: Plastic Laminate

Posted on January 11, 2019

Making NYC kitchen remodeling plans is difficult in a lot of different ways. Another material you will have to take the time to consider would be plastic laminate, otherwise known as Formica. Plastic laminate is a very durable material built to last and difficult to wear down even in the most abused of kitchens.

It is commonly found within cabinets or as lining for the area underneath the sink but can also be used for kitchen countertops. It is available in all arrays of colors and different patterns along with many options of textures. When using them for counters, be sure to use only those with a fine matte finish. Plastic laminate comes in specialized forms; there is a type used for backsplashes and cabinets; and another type used only for counters.

Plastic laminate is available in standardized sized sheets but sheets of a specific length can be ordered. The price of plastic laminate depends on the color and design on it but you can expect to pay somewhere between $2 to $4 per sq ft. Several stores offer countertops already fitted with plastic laminate for decent prices.

While you may think twice about using it on your counters, it is a good idea to install plastic laminate in other areas of your kitchen that are often wet. This will prevent any water damage and make the insides of your kitchen last much longer and look more appealing. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and cheap to install, plastic laminate is found in several kitchens in America.

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