Kitchen Layout Options

Posted on June 14, 2019

Those of you looking to make kitchen remodeling plans may be interested in changing their layout. Changing the layout entails more than just aesthetic changes as it also changes how the kitchen itself will function and how you will work in it. Here are a few examples of kitchen layouts to consider for your kitchen remodeling.

Single Wall

This is a basic layout that works best for narrow a kitchen design. In this layout, all the appliances and fixtures are located on a single wall. It is also easy to accomplish and relatively cheaper than other layouts. Counter space is hard to come by with this layout and a kitchen island will be useful if you have the space for it should you choose this layout.

Corridor style

Everybody is likely familiar with this kitchen layout. This layout is similar to the single wall except it has another wall parallel to it for appliances and such.  Again, this works best for narrow kitchens but is more functional than the single wall layout because it usually utilizes the tried and true kitchen triangle. One issue with this layout would be crowding. You may also opt to leave out the kitchen island as you will likely have plenty of counter and cabinet space.


Similar to the corridor style except the range is located in the center of the end of this layout.  Again this layout uses the kitchen triangle and you will have all the space you need for cabinets.

L- Shape

Another popular kitchen design, the L-shape layout is not prone to crowding problems. This layout also utilizes the classic kitchen triangle. Commonly found in L-shape layouts are double sinks and the ever-useful kitchen island.

Double L

A modern twist to the L-shape kitchen layout, this style layout will have a smaller sized L-Shaped workstation within it.  The work flow in this style is as follows: food preparation is completed in the Larger L as it has plenty of free counter space and the range cooking is done in the smaller L. The wall oven is usually placed on one corner of the Larger L.

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