Kitchen Pantries for Small Kitchens

Posted on May 18, 2019

It is much more challenging to add storage in a small kitchen but it certainly isn’t impossible, you just have to be resourceful and creative. Adding a kitchen pantry, especially in small spaces, can offer a lot of extra storage space. No more having to dread coming home with your groceries and looking for a place to store all that food. Pantries don’t have to be big, you just have to create the division for shelves and drawers right to make it as functional as possible. You can consult a kitchen remodeling expert to find out the best pantry solution for your small space. The following options might also work for you if you’re still on the lookout for inspiration.

Pullout Cabinets

Pullout pantries are a great idea because they can save so much space. It can be a very small cabinet or it can even be installed under your kitchen island. Since shelves are installed adjacent to the cabinets, you’ll need the space inside to be thicker rather than wider. If you don’t really stock up on too many ingredients, smaller pullouts might be enough for you. It is best if you have a kitchen remodeling expert install your pullout pantry for you.

Closet Pantries

If you have an extra closet space near your kitchen or just an extra space with no countertops installed on it, you can opt for a closet pantry. Closet pantries can be installed with a variety of storage solutions, from shelves to drawers, you can add just about anything inside to make your pantry more functional.

Install Your Pantry in Another Area

If you have a small apartment with a small kitchen, you don’t have to squeeze in a pantry in the kitchen area, you can explore other parts of your home. If you’re dining area or living room area is in close proximity to your kitchen, then you might want to consider adding extra storage in that area.

There are a lot of other storage options for small kitchens; you just have to look for the right kind of inspiration. Employing the services of a kitchen remodeling expert will lead you in the right direction.

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