Looking After Your Kitchen Remodel Part Nine

Posted on November 21, 2018

It’s now to late for any design changes that could have conceivably helped protect your kitchen and give it a longer lifespan, it’s just a matter of using it carefully and with respect. The more careful you are in looking after your renovations the longer it will be before you need new remodeling.

One obvious tip to start with is to always lay down chopping boards. Even if you have bought the very best granite countertops you will still be able to scratch the kitchen surfaces if you chop firmly on them and this is a quick way to find your kitchen countertops covered in lots of very small lines. Buy some nice decorative glass chopping boards and you can leave them out permanently as a feature of your kitchen design – just make sure that they match the look of the kitchen too.

Another thing to think about is avoiding chipping the surfaces by dropping things. This too can occur quite easily – and especially when getting items out of the kitchen cabinets.

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