Lighting Up Your Kitchen

Posted on September 22, 2019

Among the many elements required for kitchen remodeling, lighting is one of the most difficult to tackle. This is because the kitchen is a functional space. Keeping function up to par with form is a must since there are many critical tasks that are done in the kitchen. This includes chopping vegetables and slicing meat. Without proper lighting, you could ruin your dish or in the worst-case scenario, you could injure yourself. Kitchens should be well lit and a quick visit to a reputable kitchen showroom will show you how much lighting you will need for your own kitchen. Here are a few tips that you can use in your next kitchen remodeling project.

Choose a Good Ceiling Light

Your ceiling light will be your main source of illumination. As such it should provide ample lighting for all of your cooking needs. Choose a ceiling light fixture that can accommodate multiple light bulbs. If needed, you might need to install multiple ceiling lights so that there are no unlit areas in your kitchen. While you should add supplementary lights on walls and counters, your ceiling lights will do the heavy lifting. Function aside; choose fixtures that will go well with the rest of the design elements in your kitchen.

Countertop and Under-cabinet Lighting

More often than not, the areas under your cabinets will be dimly lit. Ceiling lights alone will not be enough to provide ample lighting in these areas and it is recommended that you use under –cabinet lighting. This is especially important since most food preparation tasks will be done on countertops, which are usually located under your cabinets. Check a good kitchen showroom for good options that you can use for under-cabinet lighting.

Supplementary Lighting

While wall and other supplementary lighting fixtures may not be essential in most kitchens, it does provide a nice ambient effect. You can use pendant lights in areas that you want to use a focal points. Wall lighting fixtures can also add drama and flair in any kitchen.

These are just a few simple lighting ideas that you can use in your own kitchen. For more great lighting options, check a nearby kitchen showroom today.

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