Maximizing Your Apartment Space

Posted on June 11, 2019

While smaller sized apartments tend to be easier to maintain because almost everything is within reach, it can be terribly inconvenient to have everything placed in one room. Most city dwellers have to learn to maximize every bit of floor space in their apartments especially since not everyone can afford the luxury of living it large in a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment without sharing the space with someone else. Studio living can actually be quite comfortable if you know what to do with the space. Since every square foot is precious, careful planning is of utmost importance before undergoing a full apartment renovation and allocating various functions for different areas in your studio. If space is an issue for you, the following ideas might help you transform your cramped studio into a cozy space that has everything you need.

Consider Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed or wall bed, as the name suggests, is a bed that can be placed vertically unto a wall when not in use and pulled out when necessary. Murphy beds are perfect for studio apartments because beds tend to take up too much space. Since a proper bed is key to a good night’s sleep, why not replace your sofa bed with a full-size bed that you can just store when not in use? Have your remodeler create a niche for it if there is wall space so that it won’t be jutting out of the wall when installed.

Conceal Your Storage

Shelves and cabinets take up too much space so the best solution for small apartments is a concealed storage space. Add storage where you can. If you live in a loft with sturdy stairs, you can have drawers added to the stairs so you can keep stuff in there. If you’re undergoing full apartment renovation, ask your remodeler if it is possible to add a crawl space underneath for extra storage. Do note, however, that it will all depend on the space you have. Some don’t have provisions for these types of concealed storage. You can also have shelves installed above doorways. They’re not visible and they won’t take up your existing wall space.

When undergoing full apartment renovation especially for small spaces, the first order of business should be how to maximize your existing space so that you can live comfortably without having to move to a bigger place.

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