Maximizing Natural Lighting in Your New York Apartment

Posted on September 10, 2019

When you live in a middle floor apartment in a city like New York where tall buildings cover your view and higher floors block out the natural light from the sun, it can be challenging to maximize natural lighting during the day. You might find yourself having to turn on the light in some parts of your apartment during the day, which is not only a hassle but can also significantly add to your utility bills. Learning how to strategically design your New York apartment in such a way that would be conducive to letting in natural light can significantly improve your day-to-day life.  Below are some tips on how you can maximize natural light in your apartment:

Large and Clean Windows

If your apartment doesn’t already have large windows that let in as much daylight as possible, you might want to think of changing some or all of them or if your New York apartment doesn’t have windows where there should be, you might want to add some more. Do note, however, that adding windows or changing your existing ones will require special permits from the NYC Department of Buildings and you’ll also likely have to secure approval from your building’s management especially if your planned changes will affect the exterior of the building. Having large windows is not enough, however, you also have to do routine cleaning so that your windows can effectively let daylight in.


Your interiors can significantly impact the amount of natural light that circulates through your New York Apartment. Dark areas typically don’t get enough light not just because of the lack of windows or access to natural light but also because of the colors of the interior. Dark walls can make a room look darker even when there are enough windows to let light in. In addition, dark-colored furniture, heavy wall hangings, and heavy draperies can also impact the amount of natural light in your home. To maximize natural light, it has to be able to bounce freely inside the room and lightly painted walls and ceilings can help with this. As much as possible, stick to colors that are as close to white as possible when painting your ceilings and avoid glossy finishes for your interior paint. Paint with a matte finish can much more effectively reflect light in all directions of a room.

It’s also important to minimize the use of heavy drapery, stick to sheer curtains or if you value your privacy, blinds are the best option, as you can leave them open during the day and keep them shut during the night for privacy.

With the right interiors, you can significantly increase the amount of natural light in your New York apartment without necessarily having to add more windows.

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