How to Make your NYC Apartment Much More Pet Friendly

Posted on November 6, 2018

Pets are dear members of our families. Whenever we take a new pet in, it will always feel like welcoming a new baby into our lives. And most often than not, welcoming a new pet comes with a lot of considerations. First of all, is there enough space in the house to accommodate the new member of the family? Are there enough facilities to train, clean and play with the pet? Having a new pet is practically much like having a new person live in the house with you. This pet has needs that you need to think of. And when you living in an upscale neighborhood like New York City, this becomes a more crucial matter considering the usual size of apartments in NYC. Hence, if you are about to welcome a new pet in the house, here are a few NYC remodel tips you need to keep in mind to make the house more pet-friendly:

  1. Storage for pet supplies, tools and toys – As what has been mentioned earlier, welcoming a new pet in the house is pretty much like welcoming a new person in the family. Hence, you need to consider what the pet needs in the house in order to make it a better place for everybody. Speaking of pet’s needs, you need to think of additional storage for supplies, tools, and toys. This could mean a particular place in the house will need to house additional storage facility, or you could transform and repurpose some cabinets and drawers as storage equipment for the pets.
  2. Materials that will be easier to clean – While pets are cute and lovable, they can be really messy and disorderly. Because of this, most pet owners could get easily stressed out at running and cleaning after their pets in the living room, in the dining area and the bedroom. So when doing an NYC remodel for your pets, make sure the new furniture you buy are made of materials that are easy to clean up. Invest on cleaning equipment and tools as well so you can easily address the inevitable accidents here and there. Also, be careful at incorporating fragile and expensive elements that will be easy for the pets to knock over. You will not want your pets to knock over a thousand dollar worth of antique.
  3. Pet proofing – Lastly, and rather more importantly, you also need to think about your pets’ physical safety. Much like how you prepare your house for a new baby, you also need consider your pets safety as they go around the house. Replace and refurbish loose cabinets that could easily fall off your pets once they knock over it. Also, keep all the fragile fixtures and elements out of the pets’ reach or access in the house. Consult with your designer on how you could hide power cords that will be enticing for your pets to chew and play with. Also, keep things like cleaning supplies and medicines away from your pets’ curiosity.

Renovating a house takes a lot of crucial considerations. If you have pets at home, they are also members of the family who have needs that you need to think about when modifying parts of the house. Keep the following tips in mind and make your pets feel loved by thinking of their needs as well as you renovate your apartment.

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