NYC Bathroom Remodeling With Wooden Counters

Posted on March 1, 2019

Wood is rarely ever found in NYC bathroom remodeling plans since most people don’t really associate wood with bathrooms. It’s a shame since wood is an attractive and pliable material. It is easy to install and adds a distinguished air of class.

Wooden counters in bathrooms are sturdy, resists scratches, resists heat, and most importantly, resists water. Most people who choose to utilize wooden counters in their bathrooms are looking for something more welcoming; many people find that a lot of bathrooms have a sterile, hospital like feel to them.

The texture of wood is also something to look forward to. It feels as good as it looks. The most apparent downside of wood, however, is that it requires more maintenance and resealing than other types of materials to keep it in good condition. But in actuality, wooden counters need just about as much maintenance as stone counters do. Just remember to pay special attention to the corners and edges to keep water from seeping in and be sure avoid letting water sit for too long.

There are also eco-friendly wooden materials you can use such as bamboo or recycled wood. Wood is also a hygienic choice since it has natural antiseptic properties.

The biggest reason wood is not used most NYC bathroom remodeling plans is because people are afraid of it getting damaged over time. Modern countertops made of wood, as hinted above, are tougher than most people suppose and they have a strong presence in the bathroom serving as a great surrounding for any possible focal points.

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