NYC Kitchen Remodeling Storage Tips

Posted on March 28, 2019

People look for all sorts of improvements when going through NYC kitchen remodeling. One of the most common enhancements they look for would be increased storage space. While there are definitely several ways to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen, they will not amount to much if you do not use it properly. The following will be a common organizing technique that is easy to apply and works for most people.

Taking the time to consider how you will store items in your kitchen will makes it easier to pick out storage solutions for your NYC kitchen renovation and will definitely impact the designs and features you choose. For example, those who use blenders or juicers often may want to have a special drawer installed specifically for them in order to keep the kitchen counters clear and also to have the blender within quick reach.

Take everything in your kitchen and put them into three categories. The categories being: most used; sometimes used; and rarely used. Things like dishes, utensils, glasses, knives, can opener, pots and pans, etc. should be kept in the most accessible areas. These items should be in the outermost portion of drawers.

The second category should include items you find yourself needing two to three times a week. Things used for less commonly cooked dishes like a grater, strainers, colanders, mixing bowls, etc. Put these things in the high shelf or in the rear portions of drawers — anywhere reasonably accessible.

For the final category you have kitchen items that are used only for the most special occasions. Many homeowners have an assortment of kitchen paraphernalia that they never use and would be better off without. These items may even clutter up the kitchen and make it difficult to find the things you actually need. Items like novelty cookie cutters, waffle irons, or hand held blenders. What these items are depends on what sort of cook you are. You might even be better off getting rid of things that fall in this category before starting your NYC kitchen renovation to make your kitchen feel more like new.

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