NYC Kitchen Renovation & Plumbing Basics

Posted on April 2, 2019

For the average homeowner, the first things that come into mind when they think about kitchen plumbing is that it will be expensive and that the kitchen will be out of commission for a long time. Here are some useful tidbits of information concerning plumbing and NYC kitchen renovation.


If you want to have running water on your kitchen island then you will have to prepare a big budget for your NYC kitchen remodeling because you will need to pay a premium for that as the pipes need to be installed under the floor.


Even for DIY enthusiasts, installing a dishwasher yourself is not recommended. There are plenty of things to attach to the thing such as the electric receptacle, the hot water source, and the drainage just to name a few. For convenience and efficiency, it is best to keep the dishwasher next to your sink when making NYC kitchen remodeling plans.

Garbage Disposal

This is something that anybody can install. Even those with very little DIY experience can do this easily. It would be needlessly pricey to have a plumber install it for you — but if you do, observe how he does it just to see how simple it is.


The plumbing around your kitchen is best left to the experts. If, however, you insist on doing it yourself then be prepared to allow yourself a lot of time to do it properly. Be ready to not have a kitchen for about three months.

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