Optimizing Kitchen Space

Posted on July 11, 2019

Living in a small apartment in NYC certainly has many perks—accessibility, easy maintenance, and everything you need is just within reach. However, what you don’t have when you live in a densely populated city like New York is the luxury of space. Given the lack of space in most apartments, most city dwellers learn to make do with whatever space they have. Oftentimes, this means assigning multiple purposes to every area of the apartment. The kitchen, for instance, can also double as a dining area and sometimes, even a work area. If this is your living situation, then optimizing kitchen space becomes a pressing matter that must be tackled right away so that you can still live comfortably even with minimal space for everything you need. Most kitchen remodeling professionals can help you with space optimization, as they are experts in adding not just aesthetic appeal to a kitchen space but as well as functionality.

Optimizing your kitchen space means planning its layout in the most efficient way possible. But how do you do this when the kitchen serves more than just its basic purpose where meals are prepared and cooked? The answer lies in a kitchen model that was developed seven decades ago. Back in the day, kitchens were designed to be very small, as they only served the most basic function. The concept of the kitchen work triangle was developed sometime in the 1940s to make the kitchen more efficient. The principle behind the kitchen work triangle is simple—to keep the basic amenities of the kitchen, which includes the refrigerator, the stove, and the kitchen sink or dishwasher, within close proximity of each other. The idea is to place each appliance in a triangle that is no more than 26 feet in distance so that when one prepares and cooks meals, only that area is used up. Most kitchen remodeling professionals are aware of this concept and if like many city dwellers, you constantly struggle with optimizing your space, then this is certainly something that you should consider when planning your kitchen’s layout.

Of course, it’s not always possible to add a kitchen work triangle especially in cases where you only have a single-wall kitchen. Working with a kitchen remodeling professional that specializes in NYC renovation projects will make it easier for you to optimize your kitchen space regardless of the size, layout, and structure of your kitchen.

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