Personalizing an NYC Apartment: Is that Even Possible? Learn How

Posted on August 30, 2019

Living in New York City is great for many different reasons. For one, it is the city that never sleeps. Hence, the excitement goes on all through the day. Second, you get some of the world’s most awesome landmarks right around the neighborhood like Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty among others. However, while life in NYC can be very exciting, people usually have to get used to apartment living, which is basically crumped up space. For this reason, a lot of young professionals living in apartments wish to remodel in order to make the space more personalized. However, is a personalized NYC remodel actually possible? How do you makeover a space that you do not own? Apparently, an NYC remodel is actually feasible; and here are ways on how to get this done:

  1. It pays to stay friendly with your landlord – Most people are not able to remodel their NYC apartments because they do not know how to ask their landlords about it. This is why it pays to stay friends with your landlord as it will make you more comfortable asking his or her approval about your remodel plans. If the apartment rules will not permit full remodel, compromise about simple makeover procedures like repainting, replacing window treatments, and hanging new wall decorations. Discuss these amicably with your landlord, and who knows, you may just get an approval on what you have always wanted to do with your space.
  2. Do not limit yourself to the norms – Most apartment spaces have very standard-looking layouts. One way of being creative is breaking these standards. Decorators would advise you to be as creative as you like. Open up that bedroom and remodel old windows as dividers instead of full-height walls if permissible. You may also fuse kitchen and living functions in one room to maximize a small space and give the apartment a unique and striking layout. Treat your space as a canvas. Be your own decorator. Set your creative visions free and do not confine yourself within norms.
  3. Treat your bedroom as the most special place in the house – When talking about personalized spaces, the bedroom is probably the most typical choice of room to customize. Design your bedroom in way that when friends come over, they will instantly see your personality reflected in the walls, décor, sheets and accent pieces. This is the place where you will retreat after a full day of work, so this should be the homiest place in your home. Hence, you might as well make it not only as comfortable, but as close to your heart as possible.

Thriving in NYC, the concrete jungle, is challenging on its own. But living in a plain, boring, crumped up apartment could make the situation much worse. Hence, do not be scared to personalize your haven. You are in the most exciting city in America, so you might as well make your own space as exciting and as fun as it can be. However, before going nuts on remodeling, make sure that everything is okay with your landlord and that both of your terms are all cleared out.

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