How to Prepare a House on Sale: 3 Useful Tips in Home Staging

Posted on November 29, 2018

There many factors that make selling a house challenging for homeowners. Depending on the economy, it is not always a good time to sell a house for good returns as people’s purchasing power also gets affected by different economic movers. However, there are things a homeowner can do to make sure selling the house will be easier than the usual. One way is through proper staging. When selling an apartment for example, a homeowner could not just leave the house as it is and expect prospect buyers to instantly fall in love with it. Aside from enticing ads, a homeowner should also make sure that the house is in great shape before showing them to possible buyers. This is where staging comes in the picture. Through proper staging, you are making over the house for that very important purpose: to make prospect home buyers fall in love with it. So if your apartment is up for sale and you are planning to do the staging soon, here are some tips you will find useful:

  1. Focus on the façade – One of the most difficult aspects of home staging and renovations in general is knowing where to start. When staging a home, it is important to remember that the chances of selling your house will depend a lot on buyers’ first impressions. And when talking about first impressions, you will want to make the first thing they see as great as it could be; and in this case, it is the façade of the house. Try refurbishing or replacing that door with a homier or a tidier one. Also, if your house has a curb, you may want to spruce it up a little and bring in some beautiful plants.
  2. Match your furnishing to the house’s value or price range – Before calling your designer and getting all the furnishing your want to bring in the remodeled house, remember to match your décor to the sophistication of your house. Say you are living in a posh, pent house unit of a building, buyers will expect equally sophisticated features in the house. You cannot simply bring in cottage furniture no matter how cute they seem to you. Remember that
  3. Repeat to self as many times as you can: This is NOT my house anymore – When staging a home, it is very important to detach yourself from the house. It is hard to say goodbye to a home; however, in order to sell it well, you need to remind yourself that this is going to be the home of a new family. Detaching yourself from the house will also allow the designers you work with to apply a more generally-accepted style to it instead of your own. The focus is now on what other people will like and not on what you like.

People remodel and renovate for different reasons, however these reasons usually have a common denominator: to make the house more functional and beautiful according to the homeowners’ tastes. When staging a home that is up for sale however, the objectives are different. You are beautifying your house now so that other people will be attracted to buy it and take it as their own. Hence, the focus shifts from you to what is acceptable and attractive for your target buyers.

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