Prepping the Home for the Holiday Visitors

Posted on December 18, 2018

There are many things to be excited about the holidays. Aside from the much-awaited break from work and school, you finally get to be with the ones you love  and be warm and cozy by the fireplace, with all the great food and stories to share. One of the best things about being home for the holidays is that you get the chance to catch up with friends and family who visit and stay over for a few days. However, while the holidays is all about merriment, anticipating guests can also put pressure on you especially if you have pending repairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Hence, the months before the holidays also become a good time to do remodels to prepare for guests. Did you miss out on your chance to prepare this year? Or do you want to do some last minute makeover? Read on for some tips on how to prepare your home for holiday visitors so you can do your own prepping in time next year or during the remaining days before the holidays:

  1. Dedicate a space that your guests will feel they own – Of course there needs to be boundaries that define guests from the masters of the house; however, for the spirit of hospitality, we should at least make the guests feel at home. Make sure that they can have some privacy in your guest bedroom. Update your blinds or curtains as necessary. Also, make sure that you assign a room for them that is in good distance from the children’s play area or the family room, as you also need to make sure they enjoy some quiet times when they need it.
  2. Make their room inviting and peaceful visually and physically – The holidays is all about parties and celebrations, but we will all need some quiet resting time at some point. Make your guests feel that you care about their comfort in your home by preparing their bedroom accordingly. See if the room’s color exudes relaxation or does otherwise. Make sure that the elements and colors blend well into an inviting and a peaceful theme.
  3. Allow them to manage and control their space as much as possible – Remodel the guest rooms in a way where they can freely manage their stuff and environment. Empty the cabinets and shelves, and for the bathroom, just keep a few essentials  that you know your guests will need. Provide sufficient storage space and let your guests know that they are welcome to adjust the temperature (if your have that facility) or lighting in the room as they wish.

Being a good host reflects on a lot of things. We can be great hosts through how we entertain our guests during feasts and parties. We can also be great hosts through the sumptuous meals we prepare. And we can be great hosts through the way we prepare our home for their stay. Your home is not only a reflection of your personality and preferences, but most importantly of your warmth and hospitality as well. So in case you feel like your home needs some makeover in time for the holidays, go do some remodeling and make it a great celebration for both your family and guests.

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