Remodeling Tips for Long-term and Short-term Renters in NYC

Posted on November 25, 2018

Living in a rented apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. Considering the recent recession and housing issues, owning a property is not an ideal for some people as it once has been. For this reason, renting a house sometimes becomes a more practical option. However, renting has its limitations too. Unlike having your own house, you are not free to makeover a rented space as much as you want to. Let us take living in NYC for example. Apartment living is very popular in NYC, and New Yorkers know pretty well how limited they are in doing remodels and renovations. However, are remodels and renovations nothing but dreams for renters? Will remodeling ideas remain in the imagination? The answer to this is no. Renting a place does not mean you cannot redesign it to make it feel more like your own place. The following are tips on how to make this happen:

  1. Lighting – Getting new lighting fixtures make a lot of difference, especially in a spot where there used to be none. An NYC remodel is not always about the big changes. Sometimes, it only takes a change of lighting to create a new look. If you are sure to stay in your rental space for a long time, coordinate your plans with your landlord and see if you can share paying for electricians to install new light features. However, if you are staying there only for a short period, ask you landlord for permission to use your own lighting. You may put back the original lighting fixtures later on when you leave.
  2. Kitchen – The kitchen will always be a crucial part of the house. For worn out kitchens, repainting the cabinets and cupboards make a great deal of different. For long-term stays, speak with your landlord on how you can bring in new appliances to replace the old ones. See if the landlord will allow you to leave the appliances there when you leave and if you s/he can just deduct the cost from your security deposit. For short-term stays, see if you can replace cabinet handles, and cover bad flooring with some beautiful rugs.
  3. Windows – For both long term and short term stays, installing new window treatments could be a more negotiable request for the landlord that the two previous mentioned remodeling requests. Even if the landlord does not agree to contribute for new treatments, having new ones installed from your own pockets is still a worth it expense if you plan to stay in there for a long time. Try bringing in new roller blinds or roman shades. But if you are staying for a shorter period, try installing adjustable iron rods and new curtains that complement your furnishing.

Doing an NYC remodel is a dream for a lot of renters in the city. However, due to leasing agreement limitations, some are just not able to do the remodeling projects they want. But the thing is, remodeling is not always about the huge and drastic changes. Sometimes, it is about bringing in simple treatments and additions that nonetheless create a dramatic change.

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