Renowned names in the world of Countertop Material for Kitchen

Posted on March 1, 2019

A lot of us give place a lot of importance to the kitchens in our houses. Key components of a kitchen remodeling involve replacement of chief appliances, installation of brand new flooring, re-installing the cabinets, and installation of a new kitchen countertop. Listed below are a few names that pop up while thinking of ‘Countertops’ that can be implemented in your kitchen remodeling.


granite countertops are not only popular but are quite expensive as well. They possess a long lasting quality and are also famous for its durability. It has always stayed fashion and a sure way to enhance the value of your property.


Tiles of porcelain and glazed ceramic are quite popular choices for kitchen counters. A large variety of shapes, designs, and colors are offered by tiles. Tiles are also available in multiple sizes and require minimal maintenance.


A Counter made of concrete is tinted and requires polish for a smooth and shiny look that can be similar to regular stone. Additionally, it can resist to scratches, and is available in a huge variety of textures and colors.

Acrylic Surface

Recognized names include Swanstone, Corian, and Avonite. The surfaces of Acrylic are resistant to water, are durable, very easy to clean, and are also impervious to bacteria and mold.


Often known as a Butcher Block, countertops made out of Bamboo are being incorporated in more kitchen remodeling projects due to an increased awareness in green alternatives. An elegant and welcoming look is provided by wooden counters which can also be availed in numerous textures and shades.
These are just a few samples of materials you can include in your kitchen remodeling plans. Each one comes with their own advantages and disadvantages; it would be best if you asked your contractor about which material would better suit your kitchen.

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