Shower & Tub Miscellany

Posted on July 12, 2019

Bathroom remodeling leads to making several kinds of decisions. What color tiles should I get, where do I want the toilet placed, what kind of vanity should I buy? There are plenty of things to think about and countless ways to remodel your bathroom. This article, however, shall focus on what kind of shower or tub you should get.

These are both important items that can take a lot of time to decide on. There are so many different showers to choose from and even more tubs. To make your choice easier, you may want to visit a NYC bathroom showroom. Within these showrooms, you will find various bathroom designs, layouts, and styles.

You will also see multiple showers and tubs. Take your time soaking in the difference between every shower from each other. Notice how each showerhead have multiple features and how their design affects the aesthetics of the bathroom as a whole.

A bathroom showroom will also likely have different styles of faucets on tubs. The faucets will have a subtle effect on the bathroom as well, and you can choose faucets that stand out well, or blend in seamlessly.

Showers will also have multiple kinds of enclosures to choose from. Different shapes, different textures, different designs, etc. there will be much to see and more to think about.

Also take note of the position of the shower or tub within the bathroom showroom display. With different bathroom layouts come different positions for showers, tubs, or both. Going to a bathroom showroom will definitely help you decide on what kind of shower or tub you should purchase.

Visit KBR‘s NYC kitchen showroom or our NYC bathroom showroom at 250 Fifth Avenue, suite 200 New York, NY to get some ideas for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling.

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