Six Issues to Address During NYC Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on April 25, 2019

Making good NYC bathroom remodeling plans that will ensure satisfactory results all depend on following a few principles of basic design. You will need to consider issues such as pattern, color, scale, line, form, and texture in order to achieve the bathroom that is most ideal for you and your family in both function and form.


When we talk about pattern, we are addressing things like repeated shapes and making sure that they blend in seamlessly within your bathroom. For a minimalist design, shapes must be kept at a minimum and must be using plain designs.

For something more daring, you may try different patterns while trying not to have a dominant pattern overpower the rest. This style is best achieved by using bits of accent patterns.


When making NYC bathroom remodeling plans, this is an element that can have a dramatic effect on your bathroom. Things like strength of hue and shade can change the overall look of your bathroom. A good way to color can be choosing your favorite fixture and painting your bathroom to complement that piece.


Scale is simply taking into account the size of your bathroom and matching it with the size of your décor and fixtures. For smaller bathrooms, pick smaller fixtures in order to maximize space; the opposite rings true for this as well.


These are the contours of your bathroom and making sure that the fixtures and the accents line up and intersect nicely. One way to ensure good design is to line up the tops of your mirrors with the door and the windowsills to create a nice visual flow.


This refers to the layout in your NYC bathroom remodeling plans. This directly affects how practical your bathroom is and doing this right will ensure an accident free and easy to use bathroom.


This determines how the surfaces of your bathroom will feel but also how visually appealing it will appear. Modern themed bathrooms will fair better with smooth surfaces.

All of these elements will have a dramatic effect on your NYC bathroom design and should be taken into proper account to ensure you get your moneys worth and are closer to the bathroom you and your family deserve.

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