Space Saving Apartment Furniture

Posted on August 7, 2019

Furnishing an apartment can be one of the most challenging tasks any apartment owner has to go through the first time they move in or as they start settling into their new home. This is especially true for those who don’t have much space in their apartments for all the things they need. If you think your New York apartment isn’t big enough for you but you can’t just move in a bigger place, then you should tap into your resourcefulness and look for furniture pieces that not only save space but also serve more than one purpose. You can buy one ready-made, you’d be surprised at the number of options out in the market, or you can have some pieces custom made to suit your lifestyle and your style preference. Below is a list of space saving furniture pieces that you might want to use when you furnish your apartment:

Extendable Tables

Instead of getting a full-sized dining table that seats 6 to 8 people, you can get a smaller one that extends to a full-sized table when you need to seat more than 4 people. It’s a more efficient solution for a small apartment because you won’t have to dedicate such a large space for the table and you can just move some furniture around for when you need to extend the table.

Shelves that Double as Chairs

Instead of getting one large shelf, you can get stackable shelving solutions for your New York apartment so you can simply add to the stack as the need arises. There are also stackable shelves that double as a stools so when you have guests at home and the need for extra seating arises, you can simply pull one out and have ready seating for your guests.

Pull Out Bed + Office Table

This is perhaps one of the most ingenious space-saving furniture pieces available in the market created by New York-based Furniture Company, Resource Furniture. The Ulisse Desk is essentially an improved version of a Murphy bed. The bed is concealed in the wall and has to be pulled out when you need to use it. On the other side is a mounted table that can be used when the bed is concealed. It’s a great solution for those who work at home, as you can keep your bed out of view to avoid the temptation of lying down while working and you get to save so much space as well.

With the right furniture pieces, you should be able to live comfortably in your New York apartment no matter how limited the space.

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