When and Why Splurging on Furniture Becomes Necessary

Posted on December 17, 2018

Doing an apartment remodel is not always out of a homeowner’s desire for a new look for the house. Sometimes, it becomes necessary due to improvements that need to be done for in terms of the home’s functionality. However, doing a remodel is not an easy endeavor on many reasons. For one, it takes a great deal of planning, and there are a ton of considerations to think about. Moreover, the costs can be overwhelming especially for a homeowner who is remodeling for the first time. The thing is, when you want to improve some things in the house, splurging on appliances and furniture sometimes becomes inevitable. So, when does it become okay to splurge and when will it make you feel guilty? To help you out with this, here are some tips that will guide you to set your expectations on those cost estimates right:

  1. Remember that the saying “you get what you pay for” is most of the time true – A lot of people have dismissed this saying by proving that they can make the most of thrifted furniture. While you can, of course, refurbish a beautiful chair from the 70s, you may not be sure how long it will stand. You also have to think about the natural wear and tear of things. Sometimes, it also pays to invest on timely and state-of-the art furniture and equipment. Generally, buying furniture is an investment. You invest on something, which you know was crafted by able hands, and which will last for a long time.
  2.  Know the difference between your practical and emotional needs – You call something a practical need when its presence in the house will be logical or practical for you. On the other hand, an emotional need is something you get for pure emotional returns. When speaking of doing an apartment remodel, this may translate to being torn between buying a gorgeous piece of art from the museum and installing better flooring materials. Installing flooring materials will of course be the more logical need, and the art piece the emotional one. The key is to know when you can give up one for the other. Just make sure that you get a balance of both. You cannot  live in a house that was solely built on emotion and not on logic.
  3. Be realistic – If you find it hard to decide whether your cost estimate on furniture is acceptable or not, bring it back to facts. Be honest. Will these designer furniture help improve your way or life? Will these things help you enjoy your home for a long time? Or is your desire a temporary fancy? Be realistic and let go of your perfectionist tendencies. Accept the fact that you cannot get all the things you want in the home center for that particular budget, but open you mind to other options that will nonetheless allow you live a decent life in your home.

For a passionate home maker, buying furniture is like buying clothes, shoes, or gadgets. It may not always be necessary, but it fills them up with gladness. Knowing when and when not to splurge on furniture depends on good judgment. A good homemaker will always know when it is worth it to spend and when there are more important things to spend on than expensive furniture.

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