Stop Staring at That Blank Wall and Start Decorating It – Here are 3 Ideas on How to Do It

Posted on January 7, 2019

The beginnings are oftentimes the most difficult part of any project; like starting the first paragraph of a novel, cleaning up a completely messed up room, or doing a complex apartment remodel. Sometimes, the difficult part is on filling up an empty space and filling up an empty plan. Much like perhaps, filling an clear, empty wall in the house. You must have been staring at that wall for quite a while and is already uncomfortable at how boring and lifeless it is. But perhaps for some reason, you cannot find the right inspiration to start filling it up. I mean, do you have to paint it a bolder color? Do you have to create a more interesting texture? What do you hang in a huge, clear wall like that? There are obviously a lot of possibilities and the problem is that you do not know where to start. So to help you start painting your empty wall with some life, here are a few creative ideas you could consider:

  1. A layer of huge letters that, of course, need to stand for something significant in your life – Typography is becoming a popular trend nowadays. More and more people are personalizing their homes using wooden letters are décor (as seen on many interior design magazines and websites). And when talking about fixing an empty, boring wall, this is also a good idea to break the stillness. You may ask for the carpenter’s help to customize some huge wooden letters for you, which you can hang on that empty wall. These could be your and your partner’s initials (if you are married), or letters of any relevant acronyms like, USA, NYC, ILY or TY.
  2. Your collection – May it be a collection of hats, baskets, frames, mirrors or books, as long as you can hang or mount them on the wall, give it a try. Besides, your collection is meant to be seen and not hidden in a chest. If you happen to collect great paintings from budding artists, go ahead and make that boring wall an instant art exhibit. It will not only be a great conversation piece, it will also show your passion toward an art, style, hobby or interest.
  3. A catchy statement using letters cut out from contact paper – This will be perfect for renters who cannot do anything permanent on the walls. Turn that boring, white wall into an instantly catchy attraction by sticking an interesting message or quote using contact paper. Contact paper is very easy to peel off, so you do not have to worry about ruining the walls once you need to move out. The statement may be a memorable quote from your favorite book, a funny or popular line from a movie, or a your motto in life. Whatever it is, as long as it has relevance to your life, stick it up on the wall and make it memorable for you and your guests.

A lot of household structural issues can be addressed through an apartment remodel. However, from time to time, we often leave plain, empty walls that will seem to lack something interesting. When you find this need to fill up an empty, lifeless wall, remember these tips and turn instantly it into an interesting accent wall.

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